Dreamliner touches down in UK

Boeing DreamlinerThe Boeing 787 Dreamliner has landed in the UK this week as part of its worldwide ‘Dream Tour’, and was met with much enthusiasm especially from the three major airlines who plan to adopt the new plane into their fleet in the next few months. The ‘green’ plane uses approx. 20% less fuel, has a noise footprint that’s 60% smaller and has lower maintenance costs (approx. 30% less). It will be stopping at Gatwick today and then back to Heathrow on Friday as part of its ‘Dream Tour’.

The main attraction of the new Dreamliner is for its customers though. dreamlinerThe new planes offer larger windows, a smoother flight, less noise, larger overhead storage compartments, less jetlag (due to the higher cabin pressure) and essentially a much more comfortable flight overall. The planes are being heralded as a step forward in technology of flying.

Thomson will be the first to offer flights on the Dreamliner which will commence Summer 2013, with Cancun and Florida bookable in the next few weeks. Speak to your HolidayHoliday agent now to find out about the holidays on offer and prices.

You can follow the Dreamliner Dream Tour here www.newairplane.com/787/dreamtour/

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