Greece Holidays – ‘Business as Usual’

greece holidaysWith news about Greece and the political and economical headlines hitting our inbox/tv/radio daily at the moment you’d be forgiven for thinking that the popular resorts of Greece may be out of the question this year for your Summer holiday. Indeed some holidaymakers are wondering what effect it will have on holidays to Greece if the country leaves the Eurozone and whether booking Greece right now is a good idea.

In response to this, the Greek Tourism industry has issued a message of reassurance to all holidaymakers out there to assure us that booking Greece right now is a great idea and that actually the best exchange rates since 2008 are currently available for those looking to holiday in Greece. “Greece remains one of the top destinations in the world and we reassure holidaymakers that this summer remains business as usual” said Dr. Andreas Andreadis, the President of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE). He also went on to allay fears over possible Greece strikes saying “It is important to mention that the country is preparing for national elections and usually the pre and post election periods are characterised by tranquility, hence the chances of strikes in Greece for summer 2012 are far lower than in most other European countries”. (as quoted in

In fact, a quick swizz of our deals on Greece on demonstrates that Greece deals at the moment are great value for money and hotels in Greece are offering some fab deals! There’s some heavy discounts especially on all inclusive holidays to Greece. So our advice is if you want a bargain Greece may well be the way to go at the moment. Just make sure you book with a reputable travel firm (all of our HolidayHoliday advertisers are ATOL/ABTA or TTA bonded) and tour operator package to ensure you’re as financially protected as possible.

Have you booked Greece this year? Did you get a great deal? We’d love to hear your stories… please comment below if you want to share your experience.

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